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Health and Wellbeing

School Nurse

Southern Support School has been allocated a full time Nurse under the School Health Nurse program funded by the Tasmania State Government. The purpose of the nurse is to enhance and improve the health and wellbeing of students and their families. To achieve this objective I work closely with families, school community, staff, medical specialists and other multidisciplinary team members at SSS to identify and address issues that impact on the wellbeing of our students and families. I also work with members of the Tasmania Government to improve Department of Education policies and procedures for students with additional needs

Southern Support School Kitchen Garden

The Kitchen Garden Program has been operational at our school since October 2011. It is a member of The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation whose aim is to provide “Pleasurable Food Education.” This involves students growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing a delicious and healthy meal. There are 5 recipes or “tastes” on the menu and a menu lasts for 3 weeks.

The program has 3 main elements:

  • A garden class lasting up to 45 mins
  • A kitchen class lasting up to an hour
  • A shared table/lunch lasting up to 45 mins

Since 2018, the Kitchen Garden Program has been an integral part of the grades 11 & 12 curriculum providing a learning framework largely for Preliminary Science and Preliminary Technologies courses. The program includes a full time Horticulturist, Kitchen Specialist, Teacher & Coordinator

Physical Education Program

The Physical Education program is delivered by a specialist teacher. Our PE program engages students in activities that reinforce other areas of learning in our school curriculum. The focus of this program is facilitating physical development of students and allowing students to actively and meaningfully engage with the motivating fun of sports and movement. Each session involves students working through their own individual goals and sometimes working with small groups playing games or fun activities with highly trained support staff.