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Our School has a variety of excellent facilities specifically designed to ensure maximum learning and engagement opportunities for our students.

Hydrotherapy Pool

With a few exceptions, all of our students are involved in a swimming program.  Some of our older students’ access pools in the community but most students use our pool on the Junior/Middle campus.  This is a therapy pool, heated to 34 degrees.  The advantages of the swimming program for our students are numerous and varied depending on student needs and include:  learning new physical skills, promoting independence, strength and fitness, learning to safely enjoy water and enjoying a freedom of movement which some students do not have out of the water. 

Our modern pool is equipped with a universal hoist system, shallow entry railed stairway and stepped entry allowing all students to safely access the pool and heated spa. Our dedicated swimming teacher works with teachers and therapists to design individual swimming and hydrotherapy goals.

Engine Room

For students in our school population who have difficulty regulating their nervous system. Generally students with additional sensory needs have an overactive sensory system (busy, bouncy, never seem to stop) or underactive sensory system (generally stay still or sedentary and have low arousal). The Engine Room is used as part of the students sensory diet to assist with obtaining an optimal level of arousal so they can focus and learn.

A typical Engine Room session looks like:

  • Everyone has shoes and socks off
  • CD player on, playing music that has been specially arranged to include 15 minutes of high impact music followed by 5 minutes of cool down. This is designed so that the student does Heavy work such as jumping, pulling, crashing, pushing, crawling, wrestling, climbing.  In the cool down students are encouraged the to lie down and breathe deeply, chanting, humming, massage, blow bubbles and relax.
  • This is an energising space that requires the adult to set the example and show how it is done. Students are not encouraged to lie around or relax until the last 5 minutes. Jumping, crawling, crashing, bouncing, wrestling, play chasings is the order of the day
  • Relaxation/respiration for a few minutes at end of each session

Interactive Room

Our school also supports our students sensory needs with two fully equipped interactive rooms. These rooms are a highly valued resource to students who require additional physical regulatory support to be able to access their classroom learning programs. The interactive room, like the Engine Room is used as part of the students sensory diet to obtain an optimal level of arousal so they can focus and learn.
The space is filled with various light, sound and vibration activities and can be completely light and temperature controlled to allow students the best setting for sensory interventions and supports. It is exceptionally popular with Students, who depending on their need have the opportunity to roll, crash, swing, squash or engage their vision in peripheral, tracking, focussing, scanning and visual co-ordination. Some class groups have created additional small interactive spaces in their classrooms for students who need ongoing access for regulation.


We have two purpose built playgrounds to support our learners as they grow and their needs change. Each playground was designed specifically to provide out learners with an extensive regulation and play activites. Both of the large spaces feature multiple trampolines, multiple swings, rolling machines, sand play, waterplay, musical exploration and disabilty specific equipment.
Additionally each classroom has a small outdoor undercover fully fenced play space. Most of these spaces have a trampoline, a swing and suitable regulation equipment.